USSD based video search service. It’s a hosted cloud service where we integrate with operator USSD over SMPP and operator MMSC over http interface. A subscriber can simply enter a USSD string like *141# and he gets a prompt asking to enter the search string. If he enters “Shakira hot video” , the system searches the video on the internet, renders it on MMS (25 sec or 50 sec) depending on phone, and delivers the mms to the phone. As It delivers the video over MMS hence user never needs to open browser and hence its quick search and even targets non-data users. 

Typically in Africa, more than 80 % phones support MMS. As MMS is not used much, this is a good chance for operators to monetize the MMS service. The ability to deliver video over MMS is a unique patented feature. In the MMS, there is an option for the subscriber to download the full video as well. If subscriber phone is not setup for MMS, we can automatically set it up. 
There is also an option to upload a user shot video clip on the portal and then send it to friends as Video MMS.